Domingo 10 de Junio, 2018
45 Oak St, Patchogue, NY

Conferencia #AMiTambien sobre acoso sexual de adolescentes y adultos

El movimiento #Metoo (en ingles: #YoTambien/ #AMiTambien) in EEUU ha causado un impacto en el mundo internacional empoderando, motivando y inspirando a niña/os, adolecentes, y adultos hablar en las redes sociales y espacios publicos sobre el acoso sexual que muchos sufren pero no hablan. El movimiento #MeToo ha dado plataforma a la victima y ha comenzado una conversacion abierta, honesta, incomoda pero importante para el cambio fundamental necesario para poner un alto en acoso sexual y violencia contra genero para las proximas generaciones.

Conferencia Anual se enfocara en expertos, activistas, artistas y mucha informacion local a Long Island, NY.

Conferencia de Latinas en Acción discute el impacto del movimiento #AMiTambién

Continuando su dedicación para avanzar en la vida de las mujeres inmigrantes hispanas en Long Island, la organización sin fines de lucro SEPA Mujer organizó su 5ta. Conferencia Anual Latinas en Acción con el enfoque de este año en el movimiento global de justicia...

Latinas urged to speak out about workplace abuse, violence

More than 80 Latinas, many of them immigrants or women with low incomes, gathered Sunday in Patchogue to say #MeToo also resonates with them. Some of the best-known faces of the women’s movement are famous white actresses imbued with Hollywood glamour. Some of the...


9:00 am  Bienvenida y desayuno  

9:30am  Oradoras principales: Carolyn Baez; YES!  Director & Lola Solís Latina Youth Activis

10:15am  Presentación artística


Panel: 1
Conversación abierta sobre el movimiento #MeToo “A Mí También” tiene impacto o no en la comunidad Latinx en LI e internacionalmente. Impacto de la cultura, los medios, la desigualdad de género, los privilegios, la religión, las escuelas y otras instituciones en la interseccionalidad del movimiento.

  • Martha Maffei SEPA Mujer Executive Director SEPA Mujer
  • Victoria Hernandez SEPA Mujer Miembro
  • Amber, Co-Vice President; Stony brook Student Leaders ( Club Chisme) SBU Club Chisme
  • Feride Zoraya Empowewerment Collaborative of LI
  • Dafny Izzaguirre LILTA
  • Lissey Escobar Centro de Abogacia de Long Island


11:30am  Descanso

12:00pm  Actividad: Cuidado Personal para nuestra Salud, Mente y Cuerpo


Panel 2:
Información sobre recursos, servicios, programas. Perspectiva profesional sobre el trabajo y encuentros de #MeToo impacto en el trabajo como expertos.

  • Yahira Deleon Girls Scouts de Nassau
  • Xionama Umana Brighter Tomorrows
  • Sara Pomery VIBS Sane Program
  • Stephanie Leon EAC Network
  • Giokasta Molina Planned Patenthood


1:15pm  #AMiTambien Hablando Abiertamente ( #MeToo Speak Out)

2:00pm  Cierre

Carolyn Baez

Carolyn, being bilingual, has ensured that all literature and forms are available in Spanish, to be available to the Latino community to recruit Hispanic staff and volunteers, etc

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Born and raised in Queens, NY with Dominican parents. At the young age of 17, Carolyn became a businesswoman who worked in hair and makeup. Carolyn continued her studies and focused on Business Administration at that time and later received a job at Gap Incorporated in Manhattan, NY, forcing her to suspend her business. Carolyn decided to change her career goals completely and went back to school for education. In 2006, She started working at YES! as a coordinator of the after school program in West Islip.

Carolyn, being bilingual, has ensured that all literature and forms are available in Spanish, to be available to the Latino community to recruit Hispanic staff and volunteers, etc. Most significantly, she has developed and implemented a Mentoring Program model that provides many types of tutoring opportunities including traditional, e-mentoring, sports, professional tutoring, peer tutoring, mentoring of youth with special needs, etc. Carolyn has also developed a Youth Leadership Project that is based on matching young people with special needs to young people of the same age. This mentoring relationship helps young people develop age-appropriate socialization skills, acquire life skills, learn to defend themselves and most importantly: allows young people with autism, Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities interact with peers with whom they do not regularly interact after school the day ends

Carolyn holds a BA in Hispanic Literature, Language and Culture / Secondary Education from SUNY College in Old Westbury and a Masters in Public Administration and Public Affairs. Carolyn was raised by hardworking Dominican parents who taught her the importance of being culturally, socially, emotionally, educationally, and economically competent and working to help others achieve their own level of competency in these essential attributes to affirm life.

In addition to working full time at YES, she works part time as a Spanish interpreter for Northwell’s health at Southside Hospital. Carolyn is also an active volunteer and advocate for victims and survivors of women who suffer domestic violence.

Lola Solis

As a Xicana, Lola has a deep passion for empowering Latinx people- especially those who are immigrants.

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Lola Solis is a Xicana feminist and social justice activist. From Allen, Texas, but moved to New York to attend Hofstra University graduating 2019 with a degree in History, Women’s Studies, and a minor in Political Science. Since Hofstra, Lola has been an activist. As President of Campus Feminist Collective and Vice President of Peace Action Matters, Lola strove to incorporate intersectionality into every meeting, demonstration, and event organized. As a Peace Fellow for the Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives where Lola engaged in deliberative discourse on a wide range of topics over the course of a semester. Additionally, actively volunteering with Planned Parenthood of Nassau County in an effort to make reproductive health and education more accessible to Latinx communities on Long Island.

As a Xicana, Lola has a deep passion for empowering Latinx people- especially those who are immigrants. Growing up in a predominately white town in Texas, it was my fellow Latinx activists that allowed me to embrace my beautiful, revolutionary culture. As a community organizing intern for SEPA Mujer, Lola continues to uplift Latinx people by providing them a space and resources that our local, state, and national governments will not. Lola recognizes that women, trans, and LGBTQ+ people are disproportionately affected by every issue and have the ability and means to put time and effort into advocating for those who can’t. If there is one thing Lola hopes to accomplish as an activist, it is to provide a platform and a voice for Latinx people to continue the fight for justice!

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