Who is She?

Where are we?

She is a friend, a mother, an immigrant, the breadwinner, the employee, the head of household, the decision maker.

She sets goals, she has a future, she dreams, she inspires, she motivates

She stands up for others, she is vocal, she is heard, she is seen.

She is a Latina Immigrant Woman and she is a SEPA MUJER Leader.

We provide a safe space for our Latina immigrant women to be able to network and bond with other women from their own communities.


SEPA Mujer consists of three active leadership groups with a diverse and varying number of members in each group.

Our main group of women meet in our central office in the town of Islandia.

Our second group is only 2-3 years old but has gotten progressively strong these past two years and that is thanks to the leaders that have embraced the project in the East End of Long Island, and the determination and collaboration with Centro Corazon de Maria. This second group, called Mujeres sin Fronteras (Women without Borders), can be found in Hampton Bays.

Our third group is very new to SEPA Mujer and is in process of growing and being part of SEPA Mujer’s vision, this group is found in Riverside-Flanders. Each group has an average of 20-30 active participating members and with a range of 50-180 members each, contacted on a monthly basis.


We work to lead a group of women leaders in different areas of Suffolk Long Island to take on new projects and campaigns fundamental to the progress of the community. Are you interested in supporting this initiative or joining us? Check out our Full Calendar of Events or send us a message! info@sepamujer.org