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Every month our organization sees about 5-10 new clients. Each story is as impactful and important as the next. Most survivors have been victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and/or stalking at some point of their lives. For some, violence has been a recurring theme in their lives. For most, it is the first time they are telling “their story” to another person. Our organization is not only a latina immigrants rights group, but it is also a transformative organization. The legal services is a tool our organization provides survivors so they may regain control over their immigration status, which is often held against them. To read about real life stories, please click here.

Client Story of the Month


Seleni:  “Seleni came to our organization a few months ago.  She was victim of domestic violence for over eight years.  She called the police many times, but due to lack of english, knowledge of the justice system, depression and fear she could not obtain the help she needed.  Until one day, after a severe incident of violence where she almost died, she called the police.  Her abuser was arrested and charged.  Seleni went to court many times to tell her story.  Only then was Seleni able to obtain the help and protection she needed.  She has since petitioned for a U Visa.”