SEPA Mujer’s 2018 Conference with this year’s topic: A Mi Tambien in reference to the #MeToo Movement. Our conference once a year is in Spanish and is geards towards being informational, educational, inspiring and action oriented for our Latinx Immigrant community.

This year we will be hosting our Annual Conference at our new location in Patchogue June 10th 9am-2pm.

The #MeToo Movement (In Spanish : #YoTambien a.k.a #AMiTambien) has caused a revolutionary impact in the US as is internationally by empowering, motivating, and inspiring children, adolescents, and adults to speak on social platforms and public spaces about sexual assault/harassment and consent. The #MeTooo movement has given a newfound platform for those who have yet to speak out and talk about it and this has started open, honest and uncomfortable but important conversations for the fundamental change necessary to put a stop to sexual assault and violence against gender for the next generations.

Our annual Conference Latinas in Action will focus on experts, activists, artists and those impacted by #MeToo and other allies to share local information inspire and motivate each other on Long Island NY.

Panel 1: Open Conversation on #MeToo movement impact or no impact on Latinx on LI and Internationally. Impact of Culture, Media, Gender Inequality, Privilege, Religion, Schools and other institutions on movement intersectionality.

Panel 2: Information about resources, services, programs. Professional perspective on work and encounters of #MeToo impact on work as experts.

Students ages 14-18 (and / or with a student ID) $ 8  (Click here to buy ticket)
Public $ 15 (Click here to buy ticket)
Members $10 (Click here to buy ticket)
Pay online or Send check / cash to 45 Oak St Patchogue to SEPA Women Inc.
For more information call: (631) 980-2555 |