Martha Maffei

Martha Maffei

Executive Director of SEPA Mujer

Martha Maffei has been the Executive Director of Services for the Advancement of Women since 2008 – SEPA Mujer, whose goal is to empower women who have been discriminated against and teach to become their own advocates.  Martha oversees all organizational programming, internal operations, collaborations and partnerships, and board and staff leadership development. She works with women at the grassroots level to develop leadership skills through the design of social programs and community organizing. Martha designed and conducted a statistical study of the needs of Latina Immigrant Women on Long Island, which resulted in the implementation of SEPA Mujer’s model program of leadership skills development through education and empowerment. The formation of this wonderful group has as its main objective bringing together the Latina immigrant community to create a common force and to advocate for human/civil rights and social justice. Martha’s leadership has been recognized in several occasions for her advocacy to the rights of Latina Immigrants in Long Island.


With more than 20 years of experience in community development, nonprofit management, industry and health sector. Martha has a demonstrated commitment to working in and with women issues, communities of color and immigrant communities.  Her areas of expertise are organizational and leadership development, community organizing, and developing community-based collaborations.  She also worked as a consultant and trainer with many non for profit organizations in her natal country.


She was born in Piura, Peru and came to the United States in, 2004 to work with a Peruvian research group at Texas A & M University for two years. Martha received her degree in social work from the Pontific Catholic University in Peru in 1996 where she developed a national program in Peru to increase urban and rural employment in her county.


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