What is your commitment?

    • Commit to a one year Women for Women term.
    • Hold two fundraising events per year (one of which can be online/virtual)
    • Introduce a minimum of 10 new supporters to the organization.
    • Engage with SEPA Mujer through social media.  Respond to alerts from SEPA Mujer and help spread the word to your own personal networks
    • Liaise with local supporters and organizations who want to connect and work together to further SEPA Mujer’s mission
    • Expected to have a solid knowledge of SEPA Mujer’s program and be able to represent the organization positively
    • Participate in mandatory monthly meetings

What to Expect From Us?

    • Welcome/Introduction call with a member of the SEPA Mujer team.
    • Invitations to attend SEPA Mujer and our allies events in your area.
    • Recognition on our Yearly magazine


    • Develop and hone leadership and community organizing skills
    • Get to know others in your area who share a passion for the cause.
    • Be part of the team of SEPA Mujer working to make a difference in the lives of women survivors and leaders around Long Island.


Interested in applying?

E-mail: mmaffei@sepamujer.org to learn more about the program and to receive a copy of the application.