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Fighting for Latina Immigrant  Women’s Rights

SEPA Mujer always makes sure that Latina immigrant women’s issues and voices continue to guide our daily conversations and meetings. Some issues that we tackle are gender discrimination, sexual harassment at the workplace, family violence, unjust immigration policies, racial targeting, domestic violence, language access, gender pay gap, and the separation of families, among others.

Our efforts have attracted a great deal of attention. Our mission, goals, campaigns, and our active community leaders have not only been interviewed several times by media, but have also been featured prominently on social media.

Active Campaigns:

Long Island Language Access Coalition (LILAC)

Latina immigrants seeking help and services when reporting crimes, filling for orders of protection or even to obtain adequate information on their cases continue to face challenges receiving this information in Spanish, and therefore language access remains a priority issue for us. SEPA Mujer is a fiscal sponsor of the Long Island Language Access Coalition and continues to actively support all efforts. ( Facebook Album Click Here )


Justice for Farmworks

Our work has magnified sexual harassment and abuse that our East End sisters have endured in many farms on Suffolk, Long Island. During one of the last major pushes for basic workplace rights for farmworkers in NY State, SEPA Mujer partnered with Rural & Migrant Ministry to support our Latina immigrant women farmworkers who wanted to participate and give their testimonies while being supported by a network of women of their own communities. Call your elected officials now and ask them to support Workplace rights for Farmworkers! Let them know Long Island demands equal rights for our Long Island Farm Workers!

#NoMore National Campaign

Joining our national sister organizations in the mission to end domestic violence, SEPA Mujer had the privilege to be part of the first hispanic version of this campaign #NoMas. Our members amplified this message throughout our communities and social media, helping reach our latino immigrant communities.  

#1FW One Fair Wage National Campaign

SEPA Mujer has aligned with ROC United (Restaurant Opportunities Centers United; a non-profit restaurant workers’ organization dedicated to improving wages and working conditions) to push for the National One Fair Wage Campaign in order to end the age old oppressive two tier system of tipping. SEPA Mujer opens the door for the Latina Immigrant voice to be heard on this issue as well as many tell their gripping testimonies of enduring sexual harassment or having to endure workplace harassment and blackmail in order to sustain their jobs, avoid retaliation, and much more. By ultimately having their voices heard, we will end the constant struggle and dangerous working coditions most women of color have had to face. Demanding our elected officials to have tipped workers be included in the minimum wage, we can acquire equal rights for all workers. To get more updates about our efforts and the One Fair Wage Campaign and what you can do to support please email us.


Immigration has always been at the forefront of many issues regarding our communities and families we serve, this is why being up to date in all the advances and push backs on any pro-immigrant remedies is a priority. DACA, DACA+ and DAPA was a main topic of conversation and importance for our immigrant communities and SEPA Mujer showed continuous support for the passage and advocacy of these programs. To learn more email us your questions!

Past Campaigns:

#Fight for 15

SEPA Mujer members continue to support and lobby for Fight for 15 Campaign. This is a campaign that many of our members hold dear to them since more than half of our members are single mothers, the breadwinners and currently are working minimum wage jobs. Fight for 15 not only would raise the minimum wage to $15/hr but it paves the wage for a livable wage and a better quality of life for entire families. Our members have testified and spoken at various events for the Fight for 15 campaigns such as in a Wage board hearing, Albany, and various other actions and media platforms. (Click here)


SEPA Mujer leaders stand being our Latino youth and their fight for a path to citizenship through equal access to education. We realize our youth are the leaders of tomorrow and we must empower and support them until our broken immigration system is fixed. Click here for more..

Gender Pay Gap

We can’t talk about gender pay gap without talking about race. SEPA Mujer has participated annually in May Day Actions “Dia Internacional del Obrero” (International Day of the worker) where we have been actively educating the community about the unjust gender pay gap that exists and is even more prominent among latina immigrant women that makes 54.6 cents for every white, non-Hispanic man’s dollar. This gap, which amounts to a loss of $25,177 per year, means that Latina women have to work an extra 10 months to catch up to what the average white man makes in a year. (Video on Gender Pay Gap Hempstead)

Long Island United for Police Reform

Thanks to our active participation with the Long Island United for Police Reform (LIPR) coalition we were able to clear the path for Latina Immigrants victims of crime to feel more safe about reporting a crime or racial discrimination.
More recently with LIUPR we were able to be vocal in the East End with the Justice for Lilia Aucapina Campaign, which followed the recent deaths of two Latina immigrant women in the Hamptons. This was following very questionable police procedures, practicum and police investigations. Due to this campaign, we have been able to gather more data about issues and instances of violence and it has encouraged more women to speak out as victims of gender violence, questionable police targeting and procedures, discrimination and much more.

Voter Registration

SEPA Mujer partners with Long Island Civic Engagement Table (LICET) to train youth to engage other about voter registration and civic life. SEPA Mujer also has actively registered new voters of our own community and educated hundreds about civic engagement and government.

Immigration Reform

Immigration reform has always been highlighted as one of the main concerns for our community and it is SEPA Mujer’s objective to maintain the community informed of their basic civil rights, Immigration news and new pusehs for Immigration Reform. We do this actively with our new facebook group Hay Mas con SEPA Mujer (Click here to learn more!) where our members can have active and ongoing conversations with our community organizer and staff attorney about anything immigration related including legal remedies and more.