Denying Asylum To Domestic Violence Survivors

Breastfeeding babies snatched out of their mothers’ arms. Women deported back to violent spouses after painstakingly planning their escape. Children thrown into detention facilities - more than 10,000 lie alone on cold floors, awaiting their fate. Their "crime"?...

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Immigrants whose protections are expiring should renew

A New York coalition of advocacy groups on Tuesday urged immigrants with expiring protections from deportation under DACA and TPS to renew participation in those programs as a Monday deadline nears for tens of thousands in the state. March 19 is the cutoff for...

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“Justicia” para los trabajadores del Princess Diner

Gracias a la valentía de un grupo de trabajadores locales que se atrevió a denunciar el abuso laborar que estaba sucediendo en el restaurante donde trabajaban, el viernes por fin se hizo justicia dijo el Fiscal General del Estado de Nueva York Eric T. Schneiderman en...

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Advocates Support Language Access Bill In Suffolk

Advocates spoke out on Tuesday at a public hearing at the Suffolk County Legislature general meeting on a proposed county law that would codify and expand a 2012 executive order that mandates language access for the county’s limited English proficient population....

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