A primary goal of SEPA Mujer is to educate Latina immigrant women in all aspects of civic life, providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary to participate in the legislative process. Our trainings address topics such as: the legislative process in the United States, the history of immigration policy, human rights, development of leadership skills, women’s rights, immigration relief for survivors of domestic violence, the women’s movement in the world, language access, etc. Upon completion of the training the leaders spend a day lobbying with elected officials in Albany. Thereafter, the leaders have many opportunities to put their newfound skills into practice during our action campaigns, press conferences, rallies, and lobbying efforts.

SEPA Mujer also actively participates in community outreach, raising awareness on issues that affect the immigrant population. We participate in community events and do presentations about our services and campaigns for agencies, libraries, organizations, etc.

Access to high quality and culturally sensitive legal services is a critical need for adults and children escaping abuse and violence. Thus, our organization strives to provide quality immigration legal services to adult immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other abuse. Our attorney office offers legal services to those eligible for U Visa, T Visa, VAWA and Gender Asylum, and more, with little to no charge.  

Additionally, SEPA Mujer understands the everyday obstacles immigrant victims of Suffolk County face such as workers rights violations, immigration raids, and lack of language access, the latter of which is especially concerning considering it can be a determining factor in unreported crimes. We fiercely advocate, along with other community advocates, for interpretation and translation services for victims of crime under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  



Just as we strive to create advocacy pillars in our communities, we strive to be one as well. Not only for our community but also for service providers, agencies, social workers, law enforcement, and professionals who work with our community and are not sure what resources are available for reference. Our phones are open to anyone who is looking for help or guidance. We are looking to bridge the gap between our immigrant community and the resources available. We also want to create strong ties based on communication and trust with other sister nonprofit organizations.


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